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The Source Historical Consulting

History is not merely the study of the past, but also the interpretation of it. As historical consultants we not only interpret the past, we also provide the analysis needed to contextualize a variety of current events and contemporary topics through a historical lens. At The Source Historical Consulting we aim to help our clients tell their own stories in a world where historical awareness and understanding are in increasingly high demand.

What we offer

Research and Writing Services

We seek out, investigate, and interpret materials for a variety of history-centered projects, such as reports, articles, op-eds, exhibits and more. With extensive training and experience in historical research, we gather historic documents and other materials/sources in digital and/or physical settings. While our expertise in locating, evaluating, and interpreting historical sources enables us to tackle any project, we specialize in local history and race relations. From helping with a family history to trial preparation for a law firm to house biographies for real estate agents, our expertise in archival research is essential for a variety of historical and history related projects.


Our team has experience in historical writing and publication aimed to engage both academia and the public. Both Ethan and Virginia have experience writing research reports, articles and op-eds. They have both worked with the Center for Racial Equity in Education on research projects. You can view their reports here and here.

About us

Virginia L. Summey, Ph.D. is a historian and Faculty Fellow in Lloyd International Honors College at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). She received her Ph.D. in U.S. History and a post-baccalaureate in African American and African Diaspora Studies from UNCG, her M.A. in history and a post-baccalaureate in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Montana, and her B.A. in Political Science from Catawba College. Her research areas include the post-Civil War South, political and legal history, women’s history, and African American history. Prior to returning to graduate school, she worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA and in non-profits and state government in Helena, Montana. Her book, The Life of Elreta Melton Alexander: Activism within the Courts, will be published by the University of Georgia Press in May, 2022. She lives in Winston-Salem, NC with her family. You can contact Virginia at

Ethan Roy is a historian who researches colonial and antebellum history, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, focusing on race based slavery in America. He received his B.A. in History and Political Science, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and his M.A. in History at North Carolina Central University. He also studied and taught in the History Ph.D. program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He also has historical work experience in historic sites, and completed an internship with Preservation Chapel Hill. He lives in Raleigh, NC with his English bulldog, Gumbo. You can contact Ethan at

The Source is proud to have worked with the following organizations:

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